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Built by a man with a passion for gin as bold as his passion for the state of Vermont, Wild Hart Spirits was born in 2016. An idea that started at home blossomed into a distillery just down the road in Shelburne. Wild Hart embodies all of Vermont; the contemporary, the quirkiness, and the accessibility.
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Arancello – Limoncello – Pompelmocello

A trio of Italian liquors from a traditional family recipe. Drier than commercial brands Рin that they contain less sugar and are a higher proof. Best served straight from the freezer, ice cold. Excellent as an after dinner drink (a digestive Рhow Limoncello is consumed in Italy). Yet mixable to add variety to summer your cocktails!

American Dry Gin

Wild Hart American Dry Gin brings together classic botanicals with non-traditional. The distillation technique used produces an aromatic and citrusy gin bold enough for a gin and tonic, yet balanced enough to be enjoyed in a martini.

Vermont Classic Gin

Wild Hart and Runamok Maple crafted this bright and floral tasting spirit with extra juniper and a touch of Runamok’s Makrut Lime-Leaf Maple Syrup.

Runamok Maple, located in northern Vermont, spans 1,350 acres. They tap 81,000 trees bringing you one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite pleasures: pure maple syrup.

This spirit is lightly sweet when tasted straight, notes of vanilla and caramel when mixed.